« Thomas Sankara wanted to make agricultural ecology a national policy »

On October 15th I concluded our newsletter onThe ecological dimension of the heritage of Thomas Sankara by saying that I intended to follow up with a further newsletter on this subject. Today I wish to add that the interest Thomas Sankara took in ecology was partly due to the influence of Pierre Rabhi, agro-ecological writer and pioneer. Pierre himself refers to this in a film produced by the association ”Baraka”. .



He says: : « When I went to Burkina Faso in 1981, it was not Thomas Sankara who was in power. I had started working on agricultural ecology and had first suggested it to the national institutions. Later on we set up the centre in Gorom Gorom. Since our work had aroused wide interest in the country , Thomas Sankara wanted a meeting. So that is why we met. Following this he gave us a good deal of support in our work and even wanted to make agro-ecology a national policy.»

Voici comment This is how Pierre Rabhi describes agro-ecology :

cultures associéesChargement de coton bio au Burkina Faso ”Agro-ecology stems from a scientific approach with special reference to the biological phenomena and associates agricultural development with the protection and regeneration of the natural environment”:


Whilst Pierre Rabhi and Thomas Sankara and several others were pioneers in promoting agro-ecology, it is becoming increasingly obvious every day that between the current farming practices (with abundant use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertiliser) and agro-ecology (based on a better understanding of the soil and living organisms)agro-ecology is the right choice.

Image du film Le logo de Terres Vivantes - Thomas Sankaraare those around the world who have already made that choice. The latest film by Marie-Monique Robin « (“The harvest of the future: How agro-ecology can feed the world”)bears witness to this.

There are many in Africa and there are many in Burkina Faso who also have made that choice, but not yet enough!

Indeed, agro-ecology is the right path. But the masters of today’s conventional farming have not disarmed. Therefore it is urgent that all advocates of agro-ecology join forces. That is why the organisation ”Terres Vivantes- Thomas Sankara” has been set up in Burkina Faso, with the following objectives:

All those in Burkina who already have adopted ecological techniques or are interested may contact« Terres Vivantes – Thomas Sankara ». Those already working ecologically may make themselves known to SEDELAN, as we would like to report on various ecological practices.

Kampala, November 24th, 2012
Maurice Oudet
Director SEDELAN

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