492) SEDELAN wishes you a happy new year Print E-mail

Will the transitional government of Burkina forget the farmers?

My best wishes for 2015 to all of you, not forgetting the farmers of the world in general and those of Burkina Faso in particular.
Yesterday I listened to the President of the provisional government, Mr Michel Kafando, presenting his good wishes for the new year at the 8 p.m. news on the RTB (Burkina television and radio broadcasting) to the people of Burkina. In this first New Year’s message he did not forget to especially address the women and the young who played a decisive part in the uprising of October 30 and 31. In an initial message the President can obviously not cover everything. He did however ensure us that the National Transition Council (CNT – Conseil National de Transition) is now fully operational. We only hope that we can believe him. However, I very much fear that again the farmers will be left out and once more remain the “magnificent forgotten”.

491) No EPA without food sovereignty Print E-mail

We stand on the brink of an abyss
and are preparing to take a big step forward …

Ten years ago, in 2004, the SEDELAN (Service d’Editions en Langues Nationales – Publishing Office in National Languages in Koudougou, Burkina Faso)) published a booklet ”The West African Rice Sector and the Need for Food Sovereignty”. We did so in order to show our concern. Our fears were shared by wide groups of the civil society in Burkina and in West Africa. In our publication we stated: ”No Economic Partnership Agreement without food sovereignty”. In 2005, before the WTO Ministerial Meeting, Burkina’s farmers came out in numbers brandishing their call: No EPAs without Food Sovereignty. Today we are no longer merely expressing our concern. We want to sound the alarm. We are on the brink of an abyss - and preparing to take a big step forward.

490) Vatican and Burkina Faso Historic days Print E-mail

Historic Days

at the Vatican Tuesday October 28th 2014

… and in Burkina Faso October 30 and 31

Via Campesina (the World Movement of Peasant Farmers, which fights for the recognition of the right to food sovereignty and other issues) just published an article byIgnacio Ramonet in its October web bulletin, entitled: ”Historic Day at the Vatican” this Tuesday October 28, 2014. This precisely a few days before the historic events in Burkina Faso the 30th and 31st of October (which saw the president Blaise Compaoré resign and flee the country). The speech of Pope Francis only days before appear truly prophetic. We reproduce the article below, underlining in blue some of the most striking quotes from Pope Francis and from president Evo Morales.