489) The rural community of Banh and its milk jam production Print E-mail

Milk jam – a new product adding momentum to the development for Banh herd owners

Burkina Faso has quite a number of “dairy basins”, e.g. areas where cattle herds are numerous and milk is produced in abundance. It is mostly the milk producing areas around the largest cities, Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso,that attract interest because of their market potential, given the size of the population. That, however, does not mean that nothing can be done with milk produced in remote areas, far away from consumers. This is why some time ago, on the 8th of September, we went to Banh, 70 kms north of Ouahigouya, together with the president of the Boulkiemdé dairy shop. The mayor of Banh joined us at Ouahigouya.

488) The European Parliament should not ratify the EPA with Africa Print E-mail

An Economic Partnership Agreement between Europe and West Africa,
if ratified by the European Parliament,
would be a disaster for the citizens of Africa, but also for those of Europe.

Every rule comes with an exception. For once our newsletter contains no pictures. It is simply the text of an appeal to civil society organisations and elected representatives in Europe and in Africa. Our last chance to avoid disaster. Thank you for responding.

487) Educate for peace and non violence Print E-mail

Dedication for “ Educate for peace and non violence”

The headquarters of ”Éditions Harmattan Burkina” in Ouagadougou hosted the dedication of ”Educate for peace and non violence – 16 teaching scenarios on peaceful coexistence” on June 6th, under the patronage of Monseigneur Anselme Tatiama SANON and the sponsorship of Mr Modeste YAMEOGO, SAAGA First Chief of Issouka, Koudougou. Our own publishing house, SEDELAN (Service d’Edition en Langues Nationales) which has taken part in the publication, was also present on this occasion.