Going in for family farming to feed the world is indeed a good choice !

As in previous years the SEDELAN is pleased to wish you a Happy New Year . The United Nation has declared the current year the International Year of Family Farming. Let us unite our efforts, so that the living conditions of farmers all over the world will improve. So that everywhere in the world farming will be recognised as a real an actual occupation, with its rights and obligations. So that the scandal of starving farmers can begin to end. The SEDELAN will spare no effort to this effect.

Devant la laiterie de TamboloLes membres du nouveau bureau de l'Union des Mini LaiteriesHowever, I do not wish to leave 2013 without a word on some of the promising events of the last months. On December 10, I waaso. More than 30 mini-dairies are affiliated to the Union. It was founded 6 years ago and it has held a national convention every year – which is not the case of all farmer organisations, unfortunately. This year it elected a whole new Executive Committee. Mrs Gariko, the president, thus left office and became the Honorary President. Her position was taken over by the General Secretary, Adama Ibrahim Diallo. The SEDELAN will continue to stand by the organisation as in previous years. .

A few days later we were in Tambolo, a few kilometers from Po, south of Ouagadougou, near the border with Ghana, for the opening of a new dairy plant. The Director of Animal Resources of the Province was present, as well as a representative of the Mayor of Po – a token of a good spirit of cooperation Another encouraging fact is that the entire ps invited to the town of Dori to attend the 6th convention of the National Union of Mini- Dairies of Burkina Fopulation, including the men, have joined hands to make progress. This is the first time I have witnessed Fulani women cultivating the land. They were working on soy crops (see our picture). As for their children, all those of age are now going to school. This was not the case two years ago.!

Devant un plat d'amandes de neemLe maraîcher avec un peu de tourteau de neem en mainThe third picture on this page is of a woman producing neem oil, which she sells at the village market. The oil is very much in demand, well known as an efficient cure of a number of skin conditions among people coming to the market. What is less common and deserves to be noted is that the woman also sells the oil cake, by-product of the pressed oil, to a farmer who has a market garden. He dilutes the cake in water and uses it as an insecticide on his vegetables. He sounds appreciative of this treatment and his customers are also happy. They know that too many market gardeners use chemical insecticides that are hazardous to health. So here is a two pronged approach to explore: the neem seeds which produce a good and healthy oil plus an insecticide of good quality for our vegetables !

At the beginning of the year 2014, when I again see the farmers I met during 2013, I tell myself that putting our faith in family farming to feed the world is indeed the right choice !

A Happy New Year 2014 to all of you and to the farmers of the world !

KOUDOUGOU, January 1st 2014

Maurice Oudet
Director SEDELAN

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